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All of our Blue Poppy topicals and externals come directly from Blue Poppy, the manufacturer. The date on the bottles of Blue Poppy products is the manufacturer date (the date the product was made).  For maximum efficacy, Blue Poppy suggests using their encapsulated and tableted formulas within 5 years of the manufacturer date and liniments within 36 months of the manufacturer date.

Licensed Estheticians and Licensed Massage Therapists, please request your professional discount for ReDermaVive skincare products and Blue Poppy topicals.

Chinese Herbal Shampoo

Promotes hair and scalp health. Super Star ingredients include Provitamin B5, Chamomile & Lavender Distillates, Rosehip &... ..


Dragon's Blood Liniment

Supports circulatory health Dragon’s blood is a natural plant resin. It’s dark red in color,... ..


Green Willow Liniment

Supports joint health.  Green Willow Liniment moves the qi and warms the channels, supporting joint health. This... ..


Liquid Moxa Liniment

Supports overall health. Liquid Moxa is a traditional "non-burning" moxa method. A perfect solution if you... ..


Nourishing Yin Oil

The original Nourishing Yin Oil formula was created by Bob Flaws. It is based on his... ..


Shaolin Dee Dat Jow Liniment

A traditional martial arts formula. Dee Dat Jow is the Cantonese for die da jiu or "fall and strike wine". Shaolin is... ..


Skin-Ease Liniment

Promotes skin health. Ingredients: White Vinegar Alcohol Stemona (Bai Bu) Cnidium Fruit (She Chuang Zi)... ..


Spirit-Quieting Massage Oil

Supports skin health. Ingredients: Chinese Herbs Silk Tree Flower (He Hua Hua) Brown's Lily (Bai He) Grass-left... ..


Chinese Herbal Sports Massage Oil

Supports skin health. Ingredients: Apricot Kernel Oil Mo Yao (Myrrha) Ding Xiang (Fructus Caryophylli) Tan... ..


Calm Wind Liniment

Promotes skin health.  Calm Wind Liniment calms wind heat.Ingredients  Alcohol She Chuang Zi (Fructus Cnidii Monnieri)... ..


Muscle & Joint Liniment

Supports muscle and joint health.  Muscle & Joint Liniment promotes circulation and moves the qi, supporting muscle and joint health. This tincture... ..


Three Angels Liniment

Supports joint health.Ingredients: Water Alcohol Cang-zhu Atractylodes (Cang Zhu) Cyathula (Chuan Niu Xi) Phellodendron (Huang... ..