Bronze Kansa Wand

  • Face and foot massager
  • Deeply relaxes the body; strengthens the nerves
  • Carved wooden handle for better grip and handling
  • Seasoned Wood with Bronze contact Capping
  • Pure bronze (lead-free alloy of copper and tin)
  • Copper is beneficial for eyes, hair, and heart
  • Tin helps with balancing digestion and sleep patterns
  • Use with massage oil of your choice
  • Lightweight, easy to carry
  • Makes a great gift
    Massage improves circulation, releases toxins, and relaxes the body. It also opens the blocked energy channels to improve body’s healing mechanism. This bronze Kansa Wand face and foot massager is designed to provide all the possible benefits of massage. It is made from bronze with a hand-carved wooden handle.

      • Bronze is an alloy composed of copper and tin and has unique properties; highly resistant to corrosion, lustrous, light and good conductor of heat.
      • Copper provides many health benefits such as reduced symptoms of arthritis, balanced heart beat and thyroid glands.
      • Tin is also found useful in insomnia, headaches, and digestion.

    The hand carved wooden handle of the massage assists in effectively massaging your your face, neck, back, and shoulders.

    How to use: 
    Spread a small amount of facial oil or massage oil on your face, foot, or any other area to be massaged then gently massage with the bronze massager, using small, circular movements. 

    When using the wand on your face, go over the forehead, along the brow bones, at the temples, and down the jawline--these are the places on your face that hold the most stress and are most likely to be puffy, wrinkled, or need an instant boost. 
    Make sure to use the wand with oil to avoid tugging at delicate skin. 

    Recommended oils: 
    Bronze Kansa Facial Massage Wand

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