This lovely anti-aging facial massage set comes with a roller for face and neck, plus a gua sha stone—packaged together in a lovely gift box. 

The facial roller and gua sha work to brighten and tighten the skin, as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. They smooth out puffiness and inflammation and stimulate the lymphatic system by draining stagnant blood and energy to bring about an overall healthier glow to your skin.

Use either or both tools daily or weekly to boost blood flow circulation and bring oxygen to the skin to improve skin tone and glow.

Gua Sha and Facial Roller Benefits:

  • moves and drains lymphatic fluids
  • adds qi (energy) to the skin
  • reduces face and under eye puffiness
  • increases blood circulation
  • reduces jaw tension
  • reduces sinus pressure
  • brings about a healthy glow

    Set includes: one facial roller and one gua sha

      Available in: Jade and Rose Quartz

      • Rose Quartz The Stone of Love - Soothing

        Rose quartz corresponds with the heart chakra and is one of the most beneficial crystals for increasing self-love, easing stress in the body and soothing anxiety.

        The rose quartz face roller and gua sha tools relax and de-stress the muscles of the face, while reducing inflammation and supporting the renewal of skin cells.

      • Jade The Stone of Eternal Youth - Balancing

        Jade is a softer, gentler gemstone. Its green crystalline vibration opens up the heart and increases circulation.

        As it warms with your skin’s energy it micro-vibrates to help purify, cleansing out the skins energy blockages. It helps balance stagnant energy and enhances peace.

      Recommended gua sha oil:

      How to gua sha:

        Facial Massage Gift Set - Gua Sha Stone + Facial Roller (Jade or Rose Quartz)

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