Red Rice Yeast Plus (Formerly RGR - Same Formula New Name)

Red Rice Yeast Plus, beyond containing the red rice yeast, also contains extracts of reishi mushroom and guggullipid (an extract of myrrh), both of which have their own health-promoting benefits to promote cardiovascular health and assist in normalizing unhealthy lipid profiles.

Each capsule contains a proprietary blend of:
270mg Red Rice Yeast powder (Monascus purpureus yeast / Hong qu)
90mg Reishi extract (Ganoderma lucidum fruiting body / 10% polysaccharides)
90mg Guggulipid extract (Commiphora mukul resin / 2.5% guggulsterones Z &

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian capsules (Hypromellose, kappa-Carrageenan), silicon dioxide

Directions: Take 2 capsules 3 times per day or as directed by your health-care provider.

Red Rice Yeast Plus - People's Herbs

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