Formulated to help both reverse and retard the problem of receding gum tissue.

The synergy of herbs in this formula offer a number of actions beneficial to gum tissue:

  • anti-microbial (germ-killing)
  • astringency (tightens tissue) thus toning to mucus membranes
  • circulatory stimulation - enhancing blood supply and lymph flow to the area and in this way help with healing and waste removal from local tissue
  • skin healing for raw and abraded tissue

Essential oils further the anti-microbial action and include T-tree oil for its anti-fungal property. Note: Always dilute product by at least 50%, this is a concentrate.

2oz. w/ dropper

Ingredients: Alcohol and aqueous extracts of: Myrrh, Prickly Ash, Bayberry, Plantain, Yarrow and Oregon Grape. Essential Oils: Peppermint, Orange, Sage, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree.

Gum Treatment/Mouthwash - Earth Spirits

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