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Pain Terminator Cream - Golden Sunshine

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  • Brand: Golden Sunshine
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Tags: skincare

50gm tube
500 gm jar

Ingredients: Menthol, wintergreen oil, jojoba oil, paeonia veitchii radix (chi shao), angelicae sinensis radix (dang gui), carthami flos (hong hua), pyritum (zi ran tong), draconis resina (xue jie), myrrha (mo yao), ligustici rhizoma (chuan xiong), acanthopanacis cortex (wu jia pi), achyranthis radix (niu xi), atractylodis rhizome (cang zhu), gentianae macrohyllae radix (long dan cao), pinelliae tuber (ban xia), saussureae radix (mu xiang), cnidii monnieri fructus (she chuang zi), cinnamonomi cortex (rou gui), dioscoreae tokoro rhizome (bi xie), jasmine oil, tourmaline, indigo carmine (qing dai), tartrazine.

Customer Reviews

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A. (Florida)
Relief in a Jar

My acupuncture sessions are always followed by use of this cream, and it makes a difference. Combined with your other treatments, it especially helps.

Wonderful to hear. Thank you!

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