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Cool Herbal Pain Relief Patches - Golden Sunshine

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  • Brand: Golden Sunshine
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Tags: topicals

Golden Sunshine patches are self-adhesive and ideal for broader areas of the back and shoulders or may be cut to smaller sizes for areas such as the fingers or toes. The effect of the patch can be enhanced by first applying Golden Sunshine Pain Terminator Cream.

Cool patch - This patch is green in color and contains a piezoelectric ingredient that is activated by body heat to emit the Far Infrared frequency along with Chinese herbs that are, in Chinese herbology, predominantly “cool.”

3 patches per pouch; each measure 4.1" x 5.9".

Patches are available in three varieties: Cool (Green), Hot (Yellow), and Warm (Red) to address a range of conditions.

Ingredients: Menthol, Wintergreen, Sesame oil, resin, zinc oxide, frankincense, myrrh, angelica dahurica radix, angelica sinensis radix, paeoniae rubra radix, rhei rhizome, scrophulaiae radix, cinnamonomi cortex, rehmanniae radix, momordicae semen, crinis crabonisatus, asa foetida, indigo carmine, tourmaline, tartrazine.

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