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Essential oils capture both the energy, qi, and the spirit of a plant. Oils carry the nutrients and the genetics to every corner of the plant just as blood in the human body.  When we extract oils from plants and plant parts, we change both the concentration and nature of a plant’s natural oil content. This becomes a powerful substance.

Essential oils can be used internally and topically. They can be inhaled, diffused, bathed in, warmed in a towel to apply to the face, or used as a fragrance. Essential oils can literally be used every day in amazing ways throughout the day. They can calm and destress as well as invigorate and energize.  If you need help determining a fragrance, check out our blog post.

Snow Lotus essential oils are the embodiment of not only purity, but also optimal quality, and potency. They are the result of high quality plant material, artisan distillation techniques, and lack of any subsequent adulteration in order to create authentic fragrance and full bioavailability.

You can count on Snow Lotus essential oils to be pure and certified organic, artisan quality, produced by traditional steam distillation, maximum beauty and healing potential combined, personally sourced & hand-selected by Peter Holmes LAc, MH, distilled from sustainably grown or ethically wild-harvest plants, and optimal therapeutic potency and richness of fragrance

Shop People's Herbs extensive selection of Snow Lotus essential oils to get essential oils with full therapeutic potential, along with beautifully authentic fragrances that express the plant's energetic and spiritual signature.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Once you get started, the benefits of essential oils will unfold graciously. 

Herb Garden Essential Oil Sampler - Snow Lotus

The Snow Lotus Herb Garden Essential Oil Sampler contains one each of the following oils... ..


Lavender Essential Oil Sampler - Snow Lotus

A sweet, floral quartet of Lavender essential oils from around the world. Perfect for the... ..


Five Element Blend Set - essential oils - Snow Lotus

Tonify/Sedate Set: 10mL each, 10 bottles per setSet of Snow Lotus Five Element Tonify/Sedate Blends:Tonify/Sedate EarthTonify/Sedate MetalTonify/Sedate... ..


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Woman's Precious Blends Kit - Snow Lotus - People's Herbs - Essential Oils

Woman's Precious Blends Kit - Snow Lotus

The Woman’s Precious Blends kit contains one 10 ml bottle of each of the following... ..


Angelica Root essential oil - Snow Lotus

Strongly grounding, centering and invigorating. Size: 10mLBotanical source: Angelica archangelicaPlant part used: The rootOrigin: FranceProduction:... ..


Aphrodisiac essential oil - Snow Lotus

Exciting, sultry, and sensual! A seductive blend of luscious sweet-balsamic-salty-woody notes. Use with caution -... ..


Basil, holy essential oil - Snow Lotus

Holy basil is also known as Tulsi. Relaxing, balancing and cooling. Size: 10mLBotanical source: Ocimum sanctumPlant part used: The... ..


Bergamot essential oil - Snow Lotus

Size: 10mLBotanical source: Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamiaPlant part used: The rindOrigin: Calabria, ItalyProduction: Cultivated, certified... ..


Blue Tansy essential oil - Snow Lotus

Cooling, soothing, harmonizing, calming Size: 2mLBotanical source: Tanacetum annuumPlant part used: The flowersOrigin: MoroccoProduction: Sustainably... ..


Cacao, absolute essential oil - Snow Lotus

Size: 5mL Botanical source: Theobroma cacaoPlant part used: The fruitOrigin: ArgentinaProduction: Wild harvestedExtraction method: Solvent extractionFragrance... ..


Cajeput essential oil - Snow Lotus

Size: 10mLBotanical source: Melaleuca cajuputiPlant part used: The leafy twigOrigin: VietnamProduction: Wild-harvested and certified organicExtraction... ..


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People's Herbs - Calm Spirit (previously Calm Mind) essential oil - Snow Lotus

Calm Spirit (previously Calm Mind) essential oil - Snow Lotus

Calms the spirit, relaxes constraint and settles the Heart Size: 10mLIndications: Spirit agitation, esp. from... ..