How to Choose an Essential Oil Fragrance

How to Choose an Essential Oil Fragrance

People’s Herbs is proud to offer a large selection of Snow Lotus essential oils. But with so many fragrance options, we understand it can be hard to know what to choose.

We are here to help!

To assist you with choosing the best fragrance(s) for your needs, the information below outlines the Snow Lotus fragrance profiles and the essential oils within each profile. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Precious Essential Oils

Precious essential oils are highly prized and were used as perfumes and for sacred anointing purposes by virtually every known civilization since the dawn of human history. 

These precious extracts come in a 2ml size as they are highly concentrated. 

Many of these absolutes and precious oils, such as Rose, Jasmine, Jasmine sambac, Neroli, Helichrysum and Blue tansy, are also available in a 10% dilution in jojoba oil in a 10ml size and are a great way to experience and utilize these oils without the need for diluting further.


Absolutes are aromatic plant extracts that are extracted by hexane with all of the hexane removed in the final process. This process is always used when normal steam distillation is unable to capture the plant's essential oil.

Absolutes tend to be even more concentrated than steam-distilled essential oils, especially as they capture aromatic compounds other than essential oils that are unavailable to simple steam distillation. 

Absolutes also tend to smell much more like the original plant itself than essential oils. Rose absolute, for instance, has a rich fragrance very similar to the scent of a real rose flower, while Rose essential oil acquires a much sweeter, honey-like fragrance not found in the actual flower. Both types of rose extracts are very beautiful, enjoyable and healing in their own right!

Snow Lotus Essential Oil Blends

Chinese Medicine Essentials blends: Ten key formulas for today's clinical practice for treating the most common patterns of Qi and Shen disharmony seen today.

Esthetic and life-enhancing blends: These blends are more than just body perfumes! Each of these provides a unique sensory experience, artfully combining essential oils and precious absolutes to enhance your life and lifestyle!

Five-Element blends: Based on Five-Element treatments, these blends are especially effective for addressing mental and emotional aspects of treatment.

Therapeutic blends: These are carefully formulated to offer relief and healing for specific conditions.

Woman's Precious blends: These are specifically formulated to address common issues experienced by women, offering support throughout treatment and beyond.

Fragrance Profiles

Lemony Essential Oils

Essential oils with a lemony fragrance, sometimes known as citrus-type oils, include many oils from the citrus family, but not exclusively. Their scent evokes images of bright sunlight, the freshness of a morning and the excitement that new beginnings can inspire.

These oils are generally uplifting, expansive and clarifying. Like pungent oils, lemony oils also tend to move energy to the head. By enhancing mental focus, attention span and perspective, they are a sure aid for distraction, brain fog, worry and rumination.

They can be really helpful in creating a more positive outlook on life, free of doubt, apathy and feelings of guilt. They can be especially useful for times of confusion, worry and emotional turmoil. The way that lemony oils open up the world of conscious feelings and emotions is unique. They can stimulate conscious insight, hone our intentions and help sustain our visions.

An advantage that lemony oils have over pungent oils is that they don’t incur olfactory fatigue like the pungent oils – they are easier to use for longer periods of time in a nebulizer, for example.

Of course there is nothing wrong with combining lemony with pungent oils to mutually enhance their effects. Experimenting with different oil combinations is a major part of the fun of aromatherapy and can yield astonishing fragrant rewards!

All types of lemony oils below are perfect for daytime use rather than night time. They are particularly helpful at the start of a stressful day: lemony-sweet oils like Mandarin and Bergamot are really amazing to help one sail through the day – use them in the morning before the day officially begins! 

  • Lemony-Fresh

    • Singles: Lemon, Grapefruit, Lemon eucalyptus, Grand fir

    • Blends: Focus, Microbe-X

  • Lemony-Sweet

    • Singles: Bergamot, Red mandarin, Green mandarin, Sweet orange, Ylang ylang no. 1

    • Blends: Citrus Bliss, Stress Release

Green Essential Oils

Green oils generally exert a relaxing and cooling effect, and can therefore help us cope with negative or unproductive stress.

They are perfect when we simply need a breather from life's constraints – when we feel the need to let it all hang out. Green oils are unsurpassed for relieving nervous tension, for easing worry, anxiety and insomnia (and frankly whenever a situation arises that clearly demands a calming, even a sedating, effect!).

They are excellent for those who run hot, have a red complexion and tend to be quick-tempered.

On the emotional level, green oils offer the gift of renewal and openness. They present us with the opportunity to let go and move forward. Irritability, mood swings, stuck anger – these and many other kinds of emotional distress can be transformed with the help of these gentle but powerful allies to our emotional well-being.

The sweet-green and herbaceous-green oils and blends below are excellent for winding down in the evening and easing the transition into downtime, as well as providing restful sleep (think Lavender and Clary sage). They work especially well when blended with other fragrance types, especially with sweet and lemony oils.

  • Sweet-Greenrejuvenation from the traditional physick garden

    • Singles: Blue tansy, German camomile, Roman camomile, Sambac jasmine

    • Blends: Harmony, Moon Cycle, Rejuvenate, Worry Free, Sedate Wood

  • Herbaceous-Greenrefreshing coolness from the aromatic herb gardens

    • Singles: Lavender, Lavendin, Marjoram, Hyssop, Clary sage, Thyme linalool, Holy basil

    • Blends: Sweet Dreams, Regulate Qi

  • Pungent-Greenthe uplifting freshness of wild Mediterranean herbs

    • Singles: Rosemary, Spike lavender, Green myrtle, Laurel, Spearmint, Peppermint, Sage, Oregano, Thyme thymol, Galbanum

    • Blends: Adrenal Support, Muscle Relax, Cramp Ease, Head Ease, Menopause Support, Respiratory, Sedate Metal, Activate Blood & Qi

Pungent Essential Oils

These oils are derived mostly from tropical trees and spices, and include Cajeput, Eucalyptus and Ginger.

They embody movement, activity, vitality, and the release of energy and stamina. Their effects are generally stimulating, awakening, vitalizing and uplifting.

Pungent oils help promote drive, motivation and self-affirmation. They can also help lift the mood and revive spirits by increasing self-confidence and self-esteem.

In addition to providing short-term boosts of energy, pungent oils help move energy to the head, i.e. the brain, where they can help with mental focus, attention span and often short-term memory. They are especially useful for people that run cold, or that have a pale, wan complexion and complain of tiredness or lack of stamina.

Pungent oils are best for daytime use, especially for getting going in the morning; they can easily be incorporated in morning rituals—including the shower and the bath!

They are best avoided at night time, when relaxing sweet, green or woody oils are definitely more appropriate—unless one is cramming for an exam or getting ready for a night shift.

Physiologically when deeply inhaled, pungent oils can help clear up nasal, sinus and bronchial congestion. The majority have shown excellent antiseptic properties when made into topical preparations as well when inhaled. 

The key to using pungent oils is to not overdo them! Overuse of these valuable oils in a diffuser or nebulizer, for example, can eventually cause olfactory fatigue, which defeats the whole purpose. One can easily become tired of them. They are very effective when used in limited, on-off exposure.

  • Pungent- Fresh

    • Singles: Rosemary, Ravintsara, Cajeput, Blue-gum eucalyptus, Narrow-leaf eucalyptus, Niaouli, Siberian fir, Tea tree, Wintergreen

    • Blends: Energize, Sinus Clear, Respiratory, Immune Stim, Vir Away, Microbe X, Eucalyptus Breeze, Tonify Qi, Tonify Metal

  • Pungent- Spicy

    • Singles: Pimenta berry, Nutmeg, Ginger, Clove, Black pepper, Frankincense, Turmeric

    • Blends: Woman’s Transformation, Tonify Fire

Rooty Essential Oils

The few essential oils that have a rooty fragrance are in fact mostly derived from plant roots.

The rooty fragrance is tellingly also known as a forest fragrance, with its mingled aromas of damp earth, mossy humus and rotting leaves. Rooty oils embody grounding and inner strength.

Rooty oils generally have a strong grounding, strengthening and cooling effect. They are able to move excess energy in the head down to the feet and so are very useful for states of disconnection and ungroundedness, and for settling scattered or obsessive thinking.

These oils can be really helpful for people who generally run hot, tend to excite easily, are prone to excessive worry and anxiety, or that have a tendency to bursting headaches. Like the woody oils, rooty oils can also help us connect and be grounded in our body instincts.

  • Rooty grounding and strength from precious roots

    • Singles: Vetiver, Spikenard, Cistus, Nutsedge

    • Blends: Eucalyptus Breeze

Sweet Essential Oils

Although essential oils with a sweet fragrance are derived from various plant families, most of them are extracted from actual flowers.

Sweet oils represent the fullness of life, the sensuous sweetness of the many gifts that sustain us, and the nurturing we obtain from the presence and bounty of planet earth.

Sweet oils can help awaken in us a deep connection with and gratitude for these gifts.

The effect of sweet oils generally tends to be relaxing, harmonizing, integrating and supporting. They can be amazingly useful in many different ways, especially by helping with emotional balance and poise.

They can provide deep inner strength and support when needed. They should be at the top of anyone’s list for experiences of confusion, worry, anxiety, emotional insecurity...for pretty much any feeling of conflict or distress.

Sweetness is essential to our experience of life, to our need for nourishment and satisfaction, and our call to healthy pleasure (regardless of our circumstances).

The beauty and richness of these sweet oils is more than enough to convince us of the perennial wisdom to 'stop and smell the roses' along life’s often all-too-hectic journey.

  • Rosy-Sweetflowers of inner support

    • Singles: Geranium, Rose, Rose absolute, Palmarosa, Rosewood

    • Blends: Rose Heaven, Inner Balance, Romance, Sweet Dreams, Tonify Wood, Tonify Earth, Nourish Sea of Blood, Child Chiller

  • Floral-Sweetflowers of euphoria

    • Singles: Neroli, Jasmine, Sambac jasmine, Ylang ylang, Tuberose

    • Blends: Harmony, Jasmine Pearl, Spirit Lift, Stress Release, Euphoria, Ylang Lagoon, Woman’s Transformation, Worry Free

  • Caramel-Sweetflowers of sensuality

    • Singles: Jasmine, Helichrysum, Cacao, Vanilla, Champaca

    • Blends: Sensuality, Relaxation, Godiva’s Gems, Sedate Water

Woody Oils

Essential oils with a woody fragrance are in fact mostly extracted from various trees.

Like the uprightness and longevity of many trees, woody oils are an emblem of stability, endurance, maturity and timelessness. They can awaken our innate body wisdom – the physical embodiment of our ancestral lineage with its perennial stability and constancy.

Woody oils have a centering, stabilizing and strengthening effect. They help gather our energy towards our physical center, the hara in the lower abdomen, thereby helping relieve conditions of spaciness, scattered or repetitive thinking, and feelings of disconnection or life falling apart.

Woody oils suggest we trust in our instinctive gut feelings rather than spin our mental wheels. The net result of this centering effect is being fully present in our body, a whole, integrated embodied being.

Woody oils are clearly relevant for daytime use in the face of stressful times. However, they also have a special evening and night-time use. At the end of the day’s activities, or in fact at the end of any particular activity, the scent of woody oils can help us complete and find closure to that activity by gently yet firmly enveloping us with their timeless strength and serenity.

  • Sweet-Woodycentering and stability from precious trees

    • Singles: Atlas cedarwood, Siam wood, Copaiba, Patchouli, Myrrh, Sandalwood

    • Blends: Meditation, Relaxation, Aphrodisiac, Vibrant Man, Pelvic Decongest, Invigorate Blood, Sedate Water

  • Pungent-Woodyvitality and perseverance from conifer forests

    • Singles: Siberian fir, Scotch pine, Cypress, Black spruce, Hemlock spruce, Juniper berry, Angelica root

    • Blends: Tonify Water

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