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Corydalis: A Brief History

Another prominent ingredient within our Pain Formula Plus is the herb corydalis (also known in traditional Chinese medicine as Yan Hu Suo), which acts as a potent natural remedy when working in synchrony with curcuma, frankincense, myrrh, and PEA. Since its first use, corydalis became quickly recognized as a potent natural remedy with a rich history behind it.


Corydalis belongs to the genus of the same name and contains over 60 alkaloids, each of which serve their own unique purpose. The first use of the herb dates back as early as 618-907 AD, and has been commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine over the course of 1100 years. Corydalis was eventually found to have a wide array of pharmacological effects, with over 20 different prescriptions listed in various publications. For instance, the preparation Yuan Hu Zhi Tong pian consists of corydalis mixed with Radix Angelicae Dahuricae, and is used primarily for treating stomachaches, headaches, and dysmenorrhea caused by blood stasis. When mixed with substances such as Flos Carthami and Radix Aconiti Cocta, it makes up a formula used to treat osteoarthritis.

However, one of the most common uses of Corydalis today is the treatment of menstrual pain. The herb has been shown to work well with other anti-inflammatory herbs in order to treat headaches and migraines associated with menstruation, including dysmenorrhea as mentioned earlier. Dysmenorrhea primarily takes place in the abdomen during more painful menstrual cycles and can even spread to the inner thighs and lower back. It occurs when blood vessels are contracted due to the uterus lining being shed. The anti-inflammatory qualities of Corydalis were found to significantly reduce the pain experienced by these contractions, and can even help invigorate the blood.

Due to its many medical applications and rich history, it is no wonder that corydalis acts as such a vital ingredient to our Pain Formula Plus. If you are experiencing any form of pain or discomfort, take a look at our Pain Formula, and try for yourself!