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Breathing: A Beginner's Guide to Increased Health & Vitality

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Breathing: A Beginner's Guide to Increased Health & Vitality by Ken Cohen

The secret to better health is something you are doing right now; breathing. But are you breathing effectively?

Centuries ago, the qigong masters of China discovered health and awareness. On Breathing, qigong expert Ken Cohen teaches you how to use every breath to draw in energy and healing qi (life force).

This is a thorough entry-level course for transforming each breath into an opportunity to enter a state of calm, stimulate your body's vital organs, and infuse energy into every cell.

Join Ken Cohen for and introduction to healthy breathing, including tips for assessing your own breathing habits An accessible three-stage approach for transforming your breathing patterns to increase health, energy, and mental clarity Four guidelines for healthy breathing in different circumstances, including calming yourself in stressful situations.

Format: CD
Length: 60 minutes
Traditional Chinese Breathing Exercises
Author: Ken Cohen

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