Sui Bian Guo (share plum) is a fermented green plum that is excellent for relieving constipation.

In Chinese medicine, it is a popular remedy for constipation. It is effective when other methods fail, yet it's very gentle on your system.

Green plum was first applied medically by Chinese herbalists in the 5th century. It has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as a great help in purification of blood, promotion of metabolism, digestion, detoxification and increasing the movement of the bowels.

  • 10 grams per individual package

  • 15 individually wrapped green plums per box

Recommended usage:
Take one sui bian guo every day after a meal. Drink 8oz-16oz of water.


Green plums: the well-known longevity fruit in ancient and modern times Rich in calcium, iron, sodium, manganese and other essential nutrients and a variety of organic acids.

Mulberry leaf powder:  Medical researches have found that it contains 18 kinds of amino acids required by the human body, including neurotransmitters and antihypertensive substances – aminobutyric acid, which has the functions of resisting bacteria, removing toxicity, clearing heat, purifying the blood, relaxing the bowels, suppressing cough, whitening and brightening the skin, preventing and alleviating freckles, and maintaining elasticity of the skin.

Cassia seed: It is recorded on the Compendium of Materia Medica that cassia seed can “help the liver gain strength and enhance its essence; if mixed with water, it can disperse swelling and toxin by applying it on the affected area”. Modern medical researches have found that cassia seed has the functions of clearing heat, improving eyesight, relaxing the bowels, and protecting liver and kidney, and has a good adjuvant effect on lowering blood pressure and blood fat, and preventing and treating coronary heart disease and hepatitis.

Mate tea: a national treasure from Argentina to the world It contains up to 196 kinds of active nutrients, including the unique chlorogenic acid, rutin and other nutrients. It is a single plant with the most comprehensive nutritional and healthy effects discovered so far by mankind. It is recorded on The Mate by Dr. N.A.Doublet that“the Mate tea is a regulator of the heart, nerves and muscles that can prevent the deterioration of body function, making it possible for the body to withstand severe fatigue”. The modern medical science has confirmed that the mate tea has the effect of relaxing smooth muscle, improving respiration, protecting myocardium, relaxing the bowls with diuresis, scavenging cholesterol, and improving the blood circulation.

Dietary fiber: dietary fiber is as important as the traditional six types of nutrients – protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and water in human body. Increased intake of dietary fiber can effectively prevent constipation and hemorrhoids, and greatly improve gut health. Dietary fiber can reduce fat and cholesterol absorption in the gut and promote the discharge of cholesterol and cholic acid, with an effect of reducing the body fat, blood fat and cholesterol.

Beta-Carotene:  beta-carotene plays an important role in preventing dry skin, improving nyctalopia, human immunity and memory, delaying senescence, and promoting the healthy growth of bones and teeth, is one of the indispensable elements of human body.

Sui Bian Guo (fermented green plum)

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