This organic Revitalizing Facial Serum for Sensitive Skin calms and protects sensitive or irritated skin. It contains a very low dilution of organic essential oils in a light and nourishing base of protective and balancing oils.

May be helpful for couperose and rosacea.

30 mL / 1 ounce

Ingredients: Oils of organic apricot kernel (Prunus armeniaca), organic argan nut (Argania spinosa), jojoba bean (Simmondsia chinensis) and evening primrose seed (Oenothera biennis); organic essential oils of Blue tansy, Roman camomile, Lavender and Rosewood

Directions: For best results, after cleansing mist with a hydrosol to tone and moisturize. Then apply the serum formula thinly, gently using an upward motion on the face. Best results are always obtained with consistent use over a minimum 10-day period. Snow Lotus Revitalizing Serums are particularly effective after a facial steam, compress or deep-cleansing mask while the pores are still open.

Revitalizing Organic Facial Serum for Sensitive Skin - Snow Lotus

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