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Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner/Scraper

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Tongue cleaning is an ancient oral care practice that is just as important as brushing your teeth.

  • Made of pure heavy copper.

  • Pure copper has anti-microbial qualities, which naturally prevents bacteria.

  • Controls oral disorders by keeping bad breath, bacteria, coats, and debris away.

  • Long-lasting.

  • Cylindrical ends of the cleaner provide a firm grip to clean till the back of the tongue without gagging.

  • Sufficient length enables comfortable tongue cleaning.

  • Easy to clean. Always clean it before and after use.

  • Do not share your tongue cleaner with others to maintain hygiene.


  • NATURAL DETOX & IMMUNITY BOOSTER - Flexible, non-gagging - Suitable tool for plaque removal, bad breath and to restore oral hygiene or taste sensation; Comfort Grip, Carved Stainless Handles – no wearing-off rubber handles
  • NO MORE BAD BREATH – Drags out dreadful coats and festering mucus. Also aids in removing the coffee and smoking stains to get a fresh breath and a healthy, pink tongue – Time-tested and Proven for preventing Oral health issues

    This tongue cleaner's arc covers a wider area of tongue in one stroke. Its cylindrical handles provide stronger grip and better control. This allows to scrape the back of the tongue without the discomfort of gagging.

    Please note: Since its pure copper, the bright finish may get tarnished with time, but its core properties will remain same. Restore the shine by simply cleaning with a cotton swab dipped in lime juice or rub with a lemon wedge.

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