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Keeping Your Child Healthy with Chinese Medicine

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This covers all the most common pediatric diseases in an easy-to-read style for parents.

It begins with an overview of Chinese medical theory regarding pediatric disease and then discusses 38 of the most common pediatric complaints in chronological order based on when children typically develop them.

Included are everything from colic and croup to whooping cough & hyperactivity. Under each disease, you'll find a brief discussion of the different types of patterns one typically encounters, what acupuncture and Chinese medicine have to offer, and tips on diet and home remedies.

Product Details:
Author: Bob Flaws
Editor: Honora L. Wolfe
185 pages

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tremaine Monahan
A MUST read for anyone FEEDING young children

I decided to write this book review after purchasing this book a few years ago and to later find myself purchasing it again for a friend with an infant child who is in her own struggle of how to feed her child the healthy way!! My friend was just like me....trying to do everything naturally possible for my child....but, totally confused as to the "correct" process! In today's world so many people are trying to get on the healthy path, only to find themselves in total confusion as to "how to begin" and then, to find what they thought was healthy for their child, to be working against them. Bob Flaws has clearly demonstrated that even the most healthy foods can be the most harmful to young children......however, he also explains the reasons why and how to properly prepare foods to offer young children for optimal health. My daughter is now 8 years old and through the knowledge of this book and a wonderful TCM doctor, we do not have the health problems we used to have. My child loves her "cooked" vegetables and through proper management, she has a balanced diet every day - no junk food is allowed. For birthday's we have a nice healthy dinner minus the birthday cake, and a nice trip to the beach. This book gives down to earth answers in our relationship to nature and the importance of eating the "correct" way. It is a critical book for today's failing medical society as we teach our children the importance of natural health. As I look around my community, I see parents feeding their children the most harmful foods and then they ask "Why, is my child so sick all the time"??? This book is a wake up call for America to start paying attention to their child's needs, getting back to nature the way our bodies were meant to live in harmony with - it is their birthright!

Nasir Tamale

Very informative, easy reading...

Kim Klocko
Five Stars

This book is my side kick. Absolutely a must!

Augustina Sulaimon
Four Stars


Adela Wolff
great intro for chinese medicine

gave us the confidence to seek out and begin using a chinese medicine doctor to aide and support our children to optimal health!

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