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Insights of a Senior Acupuncturist by Miriam Lee

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Miriam Lee, a pioneering acupuncturist, was one of the most important figures in the transmission of Traditional East Asian Medicine to United States.

Miriam practiced as a nurse and midwife in China before becoming an acupuncturist. She left mainland China for Singapore in 1949, where she lived for 17 years before moving the U.S. When Miriam arrived in California, acupuncture was illegal, so Miriam worked on a factory assembly line and gave treatments quietly out of her home, later sharing space with an open-minded MD.

In April of 1974, Miriam was arrested for practicing medicine without a license. With the overwhelming support of her patients, she was acquitted and made part of an acupuncture research project at San Francisco University, where she practiced until 1976 when acupuncture was legalized in California.

In her long and distinguished career, Miriam taught hundreds of western students and treated literally thousands of patients, and stands today as a true matriarch and ancestor of our medicine in the west.

This book covers a wide range of topics, including excellent discussions on the five phase points, qi circulation within the body, treating systemic and local conditions, etc. The most detailed and important discussion in the book, however, is of Miriam’s development of a unique point protocol. In the classical literature of China, there are many references to specific acupuncture point combinations used by famous physicians.

These point combinations have such a powerful therapeutic effect that they have been passed on and used throughout history. Miriam formulated just such a combination of points, refining the usage of this point prescription in her clinic over a period of decades.

“…this 10 needle treatment is safe for new hands. I have students who told me they have applied these points for 6 years, and the treatments have never failed. When they record these treatments they simply write, ‘M.L. Great’ for ‘Miriam Lee’s Great 10 Needle Treatment.’”

No matter if you are a first year student or a 20 year veteran, this slim volume is a treasure trove for acupuncturists of any skill level.

Product Details:
Author: Miriam Lee
140 pages

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Terry Kenney (New Hampshire)
More insight please

Not many people in this world I want to meet EXCEPT FOR MIRIAM LEE. WHAT A HERO! What wisdom. I want more of her wisdom ...

We are so happy we were able to provide you with her material! Thank you for supporting Peoples Herbs!

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