People's Herbs Forever Yang is a potent, extract-only formula designed to promote the active warming energetic principle of Kidney yang.

This blend contains a number of concentrated extracts of yang tonic herbs as well as other types of tonics (qi, yin, and blood), to make it a balanced formula suitable for long-term use.

Each capsule contains a proprietary blend of:
Astragalus membranaceus (root), Huang qi
Morinda offiicinalis (root), Ba ji tian
Allium tuberosum (seed), Jiu zi
Cynomorium songaricum (stem), Suo yang
Cuscuta chinensis (seed), Tu si zi
Psoralea corylifolia (fruit), Bu gu zhi
Epimedium grandiflorum (leaf), Yin yang huo
* Polygonum multiflorum (root), He shou wu
Rehmannia glutinosa (root), Shu di huang
** Ginkgo biloba (nut), Bai guo
Polygonatum sibiricum (rhizome), Huang jing
Lycium barbarum (fruit), Gou qi zi
Dioscorea opposita (root), Shan yao
Sophora japonica (fruit), Huai jiao

Other Ingredients:
Vegetarian capsules (Hypromellose, kappa-Carrageenan), silicon dioxide

Take 2 capsules 3 times per day or 5 capsules 20-60 minutes before sexual activity.

Forever Yang - People's Herbs

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