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Chinese Self-Massage Therapy

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Chinese self-massage is a safe, simple, and extremely effective therapy for promoting health and alleviating the symptoms of many diseases.

It can be used as a part of a total self-health regime or as an adjunct to other remedial treatments whether Western or Eastern.

In particular, Chinese self-massage is a great adjunct to acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, or qi gong. Prevention Book Club made this book one of its selections!

Product Details:
AUTHOR: Fan Ya-li
155 pages

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Imogene Kuvalis
It is great. Makes me beautiful and calm

It is great. Makes me beautiful and calm.

Dinesh Narasimhan
Four Stars


Martina Wolf
I like it

I found this book to have some very good information and I plan on using it for myself and students..

Adam Gleichner
Great book

The techniques in this book are very powerful. It may take some time to find the points initially but once you know where they are, its a great tool to have to relieve tension. It could use some re-editing, but is quite good as it is.

Andreane Koch
From a wonderful healer

I had the fortune of taking a class with Dr Ya Li Fan, and I am the richer for it! She is a great doctor and healer who uses Chinese massage in her practice daily. The excersizes in the book really work. You can Really feel the chi. If you are a TCM practitioner or student you will have no problem understanding the book, and can easily photocopy the appropriate chapter for your patient, explaining where the "twelth thoracic vertebrae" is.I liked this book so much that I gave it to one of my favorite teachers, and am ordering a second copy for myself.The downside to the book is compliance (of course). Even though I have great results when I use the massage, the sequences can be kinda long for Gen-X attention spans. If your or your patients' conditions aren't that bad, you/they probably won't treat yourself/theirselves daily. However, it's probably OK to use a few of the movements from a protocol instead of all of them while self treating.

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