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Chinese Medicinal Wines & Elixirs

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Alcohol is a powerful substance. In the body, and in small amounts, it can supplement and move the qi and blood, scatter cold, and vitalize the spirit. In large amounts, of course, alcohol is injurious to body and mind.

For over two thousand years, in Chinese medicine, alcohol has been mixed with a large variety of medicinal substances to make medicinal wines.

While medicinal wines are especially useful for the treatment of traumatic injuries, bi syndrome, and debility of the aged, they are useful for many different conditions and complaints.

This book contains the ingredients, method of preparation and administration, indications and contraindications of over 200 authentic Chinese medicinal wines. Translated from both pre-modern and contemporary Chinese sources, this book is the largest and most complete book on this subject in English.

Product Details:
Author: Bob Flaws
Editor: Honora Lee Wolfe
216 pages

Customer Reviews

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Nigel King
from the Medical Herbalism journal

Should we use the alcohol tincture form of Chinese herbs? Bob Flaws, a leading educator in traditional Chinese herbalism has reviewed the use of alcohol preparations of Chinese herbs from classic texts as well as modern medical usage. Recipes and dosages given in detail. Readers will need a basic knowledge of the terminology and concepts of Chinese medicine. To answer the question at the top, alcoholic preparations of Chinese herbs are usually taken in much greater volume than tinctures are in Western herbalism, and only when the medicinal effects of the alcohol -- warming and stimulating -- are also sought.

Randall Davis
Brilliant ahead of time

The book was delivered ahead of time I’m really pleased with the book

Tony Nyathi

A nicely written book. Clear and useful. I recommend it.

Sibongile May
Highly Recommended

Well written, highly recommended with a great deal of useful information.

Werner Bernhard
Interesting remedies

Wow learned more details and recipes for ailment, now I need to try some.

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