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Book of Jook: Chinese Medicinal Porridges

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Book of Jook: Chinese Medicinal Porridges is an introduction to the tradition of Chinese medicinal porridges, known as "Jook" in Cantonese.

Cooked in a crock-pot overnight and combining specific grains, vegetables, meats, eggs, or various Chinese herbs, there are medicinal porridges for every type of ailment. Included are hundreds of Chinese herbal porridge recipes for both prevention and remedial purposes.

This book can be used by both practitioners as well as patients.

Product Details:
Author: Bob Flaws
Editor: Honora L. Wolfe
225 pages

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Juliet Fisher
Can be difficult

If you are not familiar with Chinese terminology and healing concepts this is probably not the book for you. Otherwise, it has a lot of interesting ideas.

George Hunter

For a book that claims to be "A Healthy Alternative to the Typical Western Breakfast" of "Chinese Medicinal Porridges" I expected more practical recipes and I was very disappointed. However, it may pique your interests if you want recipes where you "cut open the deer kidneys" and/or are interested in "moistening" your internal organs! What a waste of $20.

Aminu Ajose-adeogun
Great Foundational Knowledge

This book contains so much valuable foundational information about the Traditional Chinese Medicine eating philosophies, as well as lots of great recipes for congee. A must have for any student studying TCM, but also great for anyone enrolled in an acupuncture regimen and following the traditional eating principals!

Dave Fox
I like the rice porridge variables

Interesting information for your health needs. I like the rice porridge variables.

Bradley Moses
Five Stars

Excellent book of breakfast meals.

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