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Skin-Ease Ointment

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  • Brand: Blue Poppy
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No SoyNo Soy
No DairyNo Dairy
No GlutenNo Gluten
No SesameNo Sesame
No NutsNo Nuts

A Chinese herbal ointment that promotes skin health. Ɨ


  • Beeswax             
  • Palm Vegetable Shortening       
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil       
  • Castor Oil       
  • Aloe Vera Extract       
  • Grape Seed Oil
  • Cod Liver Oil 
  • Chinese Rhubarb 
  • Dong Quai 
  • Arnebia
  • Borneol 
  • Rosemary Seed Extract

    Free of: Animal Testing, Coal, Pine tars, Steroids, Soy, Dairy, Gluten, Sesame, Nuts

    Use: A skin ointment that supports skin health. Ɨ

    Size: 1/2 ounce

    Do not apply to profusely weeping or suppurating sores.

    What are Blue Poppy EXTERNALS?

    For over 20+ years, beginning with Bob Flaws and Honora Wolfe, Blue Poppy EXTERNALS have been hand-crafted and made in small batches. We have carried on the tradition using high-quality herbs, premium oils, and 100% grain alcohol for our liniments as we continue to make our artisan products at our Portland-based facility.

    About our use of palm oil:

    We use only "certified sustainable" palm oil products that come from Latin American family farms that do not use slash and burn farming practices. It's part of our commitment to be environmentally conscious.

    Ɨ These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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