Snow Lotus organic hydrosols (aromatic waters) are produced, just like the essential oils themselves, from organically cultivated or ethically wild harvested plant sources. 

Because they are so hydrating, hydrosols are ideal for maintaining moist, breathing skin, and especially dry skin, regardless of cause, e.g. from stress, long driving, swimming, air-conditioning, flying, etc.

They are wonderfully fragrant, refreshing and therapeutically fully potent. Mist freely in the environment to fragrance, humidify, refresh, revitalize, clear negativity and deodorize.

Hydrosols are ideal for dry environments from indoor heating or dry climates, will refresh in hot weather and are wonderful to freshen and moisten the face anytime as well.

Neroli is the oil or floral water of bitter orange flowers. It is so called after the celebrated princess of Nerola in the Italian Renaissance because of her lavish, extravagant use of bitter-orange flower oil and water as perfume. For the record, the princess' real name was Anna Maria de La Tremoille.

60 ml / 2 oz

Skin care: Wonderful for hydrating delicate or sensitive skin.

Use: Mist freely around the face and neckline. For skin care, give a cotton ball about five sprays and apply to face and necklineUse after cleansing and follow with a natural, high-quality moisturizer such one of our organic facial serums.

Fragrance profile: Neroli hydrosol has a luscious, sweet-floral fragrance with lyrical fruit and honeysuckle top notes. This is one of the 'wet,' very hydrating floral waters.
Botanical source: Citrus aurantium subsp. amara
Plant part used: The fresh flowers
Production: Cultivated and certified organic
Extraction method: Water distillation of the fresh flowers 

Neroli (Orange Blossom Water) Organic Hydrosol - hydrating spray/toner - Snow Lotus

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