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Angelica Root essential oil - Snow Lotus

Strongly grounding, centering and invigorating. Size: 10mLBotanical source: Angelica archangelicaPlant part used: The rootOrigin: FranceProduction:... ..


Aphrodisiac essential oil - Snow Lotus

Exciting, sultry, and sensual! A seductive blend of luscious sweet-balsamic-salty-woody notes. Use with caution -... ..


Basil, holy essential oil - Snow Lotus

Holy basil is also known as Tulsi. Relaxing, balancing and cooling. Size: 10mLBotanical source: Ocimum sanctumPlant part used: The... ..


Bergamot essential oil - Snow Lotus

Size: 10mLBotanical source: Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamiaPlant part used: The rindOrigin: Calabria, ItalyProduction: Cultivated, certified... ..


Blue Tansy essential oil - Snow Lotus

Cooling, soothing, harmonizing, calming Size: 2mLBotanical source: Tanacetum annuumPlant part used: The flowersOrigin: MoroccoProduction: Sustainably... ..


Cacao, absolute essential oil - Snow Lotus

Size: 5mL Botanical source: Theobroma cacaoPlant part used: The fruitOrigin: ArgentinaProduction: Wild harvestedExtraction method: Solvent extractionFragrance... ..


Cajeput essential oil - Snow Lotus

Size: 10mLBotanical source: Melaleuca cajuputiPlant part used: The leafy twigOrigin: VietnamProduction: Wild-harvested and certified organicExtraction... ..


Calm Spirit (previously Calm Mind) essential oil - Snow Lotus

Calms the spirit, relaxes constraint and settles the Heart Size: 10mLIndications: Spirit agitation, esp. from... ..


Calm Spirit Therapeutic Roll On - Snow Lotus

Size: 6 ml Roll-on CM functions: Calms the spirit, relaxes constraint and settles the Heart... ..


Cardamom essential oil - Snow Lotus

Warming, uplifting and energizing, and stimulatingSize: 10mLBotanical source: Elettaria cardamomumPlant part used: The whole fruitOrigin:... ..


Cedarwood, Atlas - essential oil - Snow Lotus

Calming, centering and strengthening, restoringSize: 10mLBotanical source: Cedrus atlanticaPlant part used: The heartwoodOrigin: The Atlas... ..


Chamomile / Camomile, German - essential oil - Snow Lotus

Size: 10 mLBotanical source: Matricaria recutitaPlant part: The flower Origin: BulgariaProduction: Cultivated, certified organicExtraction: Steam... ..