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100% Natural Ginger Chews - Prince of Peace

Prince of Peace 100% Natural Ginger Candies are great for the whole family. The sweet,... ..


Accu-Patch / Metal Ear Seeds (Gold and Steel)

For acupressure. Helps relieve feelings of stress, anxiety, trouble sleeping, etc. Accu-Patch Pellets Press pellets... ..


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Handmade Acupressure / Yoga Eye Pillow (with removable cover) - People's Herbs

Acupressure Eye Pillow

Eye pillows are a wonderful tool to alleviate headaches and migraines, ease feelings of stress and... ..


Acuring acupressure rings, set of 4

Stimulate the acupoints of the fingers with these new acupressure rings. Simply roll the ring... ..


Arm and Leg Acupressure Ring

The smart arm & leg ring. This silver plated long-lasting acupressure ring is made of... ..


Cedarwood Incense & Holder - Morning Star

Fine quality incense sticks with a light M fragrance for lighting loose moxa or indirect stick-on moxa.... ..


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Acupressure / Yoga Eye Pillow cover - People's Herbs

Cover for Acupressure Eye Pillow (COVER ONLY)

Please note, this is the COVER ONLY and does not include the eye pillow itself.  The acupressure eye... ..


Daily Natural Incense Bundle (4 Boxes) - Shoyeido

Shoyeido natural incense. The four scents in Shoyeido's Daily incense line includes one box of each of the following: Sandalwood: NEW! New from Shoyeido!... ..


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People's Herbs Dong Fang Meiren (Oriental Beauty) Tea - Imperial Secrets

Dong Fang Meiren (Oriental Beauty) Tea - Imperial Secrets

A fine representation of a “white tipped” Oolong, this tea was given the name “Oriental... ..


Dr. Riter's REAL-EaSE Neck Support

The Original Dr. Riter's REAL-EaSE is the most advanced and comfortable neck support available today. Its... ..


Frankincense Incense & Burner - Morning Star

Morning Star incense was created in the 1960s in Japan. It has been loved for... ..


Gold Monk Incense Holder - with Japanese Incense

This beautiful gold leaf incense holder features a young monk kneeling on a leaf with... ..