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Bob Quinn's Review of Golden Goddess Gua Sha Oil 

For a little over a month, I have been using the ReDermaVive Golden Goddess Facial Gua Sha Oil in my private practice. I am so impressed and even shocked at times at how this product can  transform the face (and the shen) of my patients. At times I use a Blue Poppy Jade Facial Gua  Sha Tool, and other times I use a silver facial teishin. Both seem to bring similar results. 

I can attest from my experiments that the good outcomes are not due to the oil alone, even though it is of amazing quality. It has some expensive carrier oils that I rarely see in other products, e.g., tea seed oil, babchi oil, green coffee bean oil, hibiscus seed oil, and rosehip oil.  To that blend of carrier oils four therapeutic-quality essential oils are added (neroli, jatamansi, clary sage, frankincense), resulting in a peace-inducing aroma that brings new life to the skin. 

It seems the ultra-light stroking of jade or silver is a key part of this therapy. You can tell this by first massaging the oil (4 drops is enough for the entire face) into the skin of the face. This brings significant improvement. But then when you stroke with the jade or silver tool on one-half of the face, you can stop a moment and compare it to the side not yet treated. The difference is not at all subtle. It is a dramatic difference. So, I highly recommend you not simply massage the oil into your clients’ faces, but rather pick up one of our jade tools. They are a bit more affordable than the facial teishins.

For ideas on how to do this therapy, you can reference this video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kokSG9pY2As 

One more little tip: don’t limit your stroking to the face alone—include some strokes on the  SCM and the scalenes. It makes a big difference! 

Bob Quinn, DAOM, LAc