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Yin-Care Supreme Oral Care

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  • Brand: Yao Company
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  • SKU: 132

Tags: topicals

Cautions: Do not swallow, not to be taken internally. Not intended to replace brushing and flossing. In rare instances, a reaction to this product may occur. Keep out of reach of children.

Directions: Use 2-4 squirts in mouth. Swish for 1-3 minutes and then spit out. Avoid food and drink for 15 minutes. Repeat daily, one or more times for best effect. Will yield approximately 20 or more uses per bottle.

Mentha - Bo He
Lonicera - Jin Yin Hua
Gardenia - Zhi Zi
Phellodendron - Huang Bai
Scutellaria - Huang Qin
Sophora - Ku Shen
Kochia - Di Fu Zi
Artemisia - Yin Chen Hao
Angelica - Du Huo
Cnidium - She Chuang Zi
Acorus - Shi Chang Pu
Artemisia - Ai Ye

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