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The Spark In The Machine

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Why can salamanders grow new legs, and young children grow new finger tips, but adult humans can't regenerate? What is the electricity that flows through the human body? Is it the same thing that the Chinese call Qi? If so, what does Chinese medicine know, that western medicine ignores?

The Spark In The Machine is "for dummies" book on Chinese Medicine.

Dan Keown's highly accessible, witty, and original book shows how western medicine validates the theories of Chinese medicine, and how Chinese medicine explains the mysteries of the body that western medicine largely ignores.

He explains the generative force of embryology, how the hearts of two people in love (or in scientific terms `quantum entanglement') truly beat as one, how a cheating heart is also an ill heart (which is why men are twice as likely to die of a sudden heart attack with their mistress than with their wife), how neural crest cells determine our lifespan, and why Proust's madeleines evoked the memories they did.

The book shows how the theories of western and Chinese medicine support each other, and how the integrated theory enlarges our understanding of how bodies work on every level.

Full of good stories and surprising details, Dan Keown's book is essential reading for anyone who has ever wanted to know how the body really works.

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Author: Dr. Daniel Keown

Customer Reviews

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Nutan Arora
Most important book EVER written about Acupuncture

I've been an Acupuncturist for 20 yearsI believe this is the most important book EVER written about Acupuncture.It is brilliant, insightful, helpful, intelligent.I really appreciate how Daniel Keown builds a bridge between East and West, Science and the Dao.Good Job. Very helpful

Adegoke Clare
History and Practice of Acupuncture

I came across this book after a review from my friend, Sarah and decided to pick it up desiring to learn more about acupuncture. It ended up being much different then I expected and traces the similarities between the formation of an embryo and acupuncture. The book shares quite a lot of history and discusses how acupuncture is suspected to have started more than 200 years before the birth of Jesus. That said, the Iceman was found to have tattoos on his lower back in the same place that an acupuncturist would place needles for arthritis in the low back. After a bone scan, it was found the Iceman did, in fact, have arthritis and thus the practice of acupuncture may be much, much older than initially thought. I also enjoyed learning about the energy channels being present in the body and how energy disturbance is at the heart of all disease. The book consists of very short chapters and I would recommend this book to anyone interested in Chinese Medicine.

Werner Bins
Poetry and Magic of Acupuncture

I read this book when I was in acupuncture school. It is beautifully written, connecting acupuncture channel theory to the embryological development and western medicine and to see how it all beautifully connects adds to the mystery and magic of life. I also recommend another book by the same author Uncharted Body. It is more clinical and detailed and if you are an acupuncturist or a doctor will help you understand human body in a new integrative, holistic perspective.

Baylee Ratke
Fantastic Integration of both East and West Concepts

I have spent a life-time in school studying medicine (I hold a PhD and a DAOM) and run a high volume private practice. I found this book to be enjoyable to read and full of insights making many new connections between Western and Eastern concepts. It is truly integrative and I highly recommend it.

Jewel Hammes
As an acupuncture student...

I have gained tremendous understanding about my future field. I have thoroughly enjoyed the discussions about the fascial planes and resonance. I agree that this book might be a bit of a rough read if you have no background about TCM....however, I think all books about TCM are hard if you have no background! TCM is a really challenging concept for Western-thinkers to grasp. This author does a great job at keeping the information as accessible as possible while also making big conceptual connections! It's furthered my understanding about the pathways of the channels and answered my questions as to why they flow how they do at the internal levels. Thanks!

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