Sleep In Heavenly Peace is 18-minute CD is a guided visualization to help you sleep. It was created especially for people who suffer from sleep problems, sleep deprivation, sleep disorders (like insomnia and sleep apnea) and have difficulty sleeping.

The frustration and fatigue of problem sleeping can become cumulative and have a negative impact on all areas of your life. You can begin to feel that your life is out of control. You especially know that restful sleep is necessary for good health and the enjoyment of life.

Simply by listening, you will experience a deep relaxation process that allows your mind and your body to truly relax for a restorative sleep that lets you wake up feeling refreshed and energetic.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace delivers the key that unlocks the door to a sound, restful sleep night after night. Utilize Genevieve Gerard's decades of experience helping people gain control of their lives through mastery of the mind-body relationship as she guides you to achieve deep relaxation, go to sleep quickly and stay asleep all night.

Author: Genevieve Gerard
Total Run Time: 18 minutes

Sleep In Heavenly Peace - CD

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