Gua Sha is used to move blood and qi.  It moves lymphatic fluids so skin can function better and improve blood circulation. 

This body gua sha tool is large enough to contour different curves of your body and apply suitable pressure.

Body Gua Sha Benefits:

  • moves and drains lymphatic fluids
  • adds qi (energy) to the skin
  • relaxes tight muscles
  • soothes stress
  • releases tension
  • improves circulation

Color: Made from green aventurine jade, therefore color may vary.

115 mm x 57 mm x 10 mm (11.5 cm x 5.7 cm x 1 cm)

Jade: Made is a healing stone used to ward off stress and anxiety and invite prosperity and calm.

Use:  Apply an oil before use. Apply more oil, if needed, while using the gua sha. Gua Sha is best when warmed, run under hot water or use heating pad.

Apply gentle strokes towards the heart, 4-8 strokes per area:

  • Calf - stroke ankle to knee
  • Thigh - stroke inner thigh knee to groin, for outer and top stroke knee to hip
  • Hamstring - stroke knee to glute using comb edge of Gua Sha
  • Torso (front & side) - stroke downward heart to hip
  • Forearm - stroke wrist to elbow
  • Bicep & Tricep - stroke elbow to shoulder
  • Neck - stroke collarbone to chin

View a gua sha tutorial here.

Gua Sha Oil recommendations:

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Large Body Gua Sha Tool/Stone (Green Aventurine Jade)

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