Each convenient pack of Sijiyoumei Cubilose Anti-Aging Jelly contains multiple nutrients needed by human body to help rejuvenate and support your natural beauty. It's fat-free, high fiber, and low in calories (approx. 30 calories per 100g).

Premium ingredients are selected and combined, from multiple dimensions, specifically designed to rejuvenate natural beauty:

  • Cubilose - Nature's Gift 
  • Pueraria powder - "Asian Ginseng",  "Longevity Powder" 
  • Xylooligosaccharide - “The Best Prebiotics” 
  • Fish Collagen Peptide - Nourishing the elastic collagen reticulum of skin 
  • Chia seeds - "Super food" rich in nutrients 
  • Stachyose - Nutrition source  for beneficial bacteria in intestine 
  • Fructo-oligosaccharide - Prebiotics and water-soluble dietary fiber 

Net content: 560g (80g×7) 

Shelf life: 12 months

Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly selects cubilose from Kalimantan  Island, Indonesia, one of the world's high-quality cubilose  producing areas. Under the unique natural conditions of the  tropical rainforest, the cubilose produced is solid and clear, with high content of sialic acid.  Each pack of contains 1.2g+ well-selected dried cubilose.

The quality of cubilose matters and Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly ensures ultimate quality with:

  • soaking by purified water
  • high-purity clean water for soaking during the whole process to ensure pure quality
  • high temperature sterilization
  • precise temperature-controlled stewing at 121°C
  • maximum nutrition retention 
  • aseptic preservation of freshness
  • high-tech encapsulation process, stable quality for 12 months

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 


Q: As a cubilose jelly product, what are the differences between Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly and other traditional instant cubilose and fresh braised cubilose products? 
A: Each pack of Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly contains up to 1.2g high quality dry cubilose. The seven raw   materials complement each other with more balanced nutrition. 

Q: Where is the cubilose in Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly from? How about the quality? 
A: Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly uses cubilose imported from the global premium origin of top cubilose - Kalimantan Island, which is also traceable. Under the unique natural conditions of tropical rainforest climate, the cubilose produced here is solid and has high sialic acid content. 

Q: What's the sialic acid content of Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly? 
A: According to the testing of authoritative testing institutions, the content of sialic acid in Sijiyoumei   Cubilose Jelly is 99mg / 100g. However, there may be slight differences in the data of each batch. 

Q: Are stachyose, fructo-oligosaccharide and xylooligosaccharide contained in Sijiyoumei   Cubilose Jelly classified as saccharides? 
A: Although the word of these ingredients indicates that they are sugar, they are not classified as saccharides.   They are water-soluble dietary fibers, which can be used safely by the crowds who want to be pretty and resist   saccharides. 

Q: Is Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly high in calories? 
A: A pack of Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly contains calories as low as 24 calories. One pack contains calories equivalent to that of half an apple. It is a real fat-free food with low calories. 

Q: Why does Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly use bags instead of glass bottles? 
A: This is our choice based on our concern of carrying safety and food convenience. Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly uses   food grade four-layer composite membrane bag of which the innermost layer and the outermost layer are   imported materials from Japan, which can achieve high barrier and ensure the stability of product quality. 

Q: How to preserve Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly? Do I need to refrigerate it in the refrigerator?  
A: Sijiyoumei Cubilose Jelly adopts the technology of steam stewing, 121 ℃ high temperature short time   sterilization and segmented fresh locking, which can lock in the nutrients such as sialic acid, epidermal growth   factor, water-soluble protein, amino acid, small molecular active peptide and prebiotics while sterilizing   thoroughly. It would be better to refrigerate it. The taste is better after refrigerated, and it is also conducive to   the preservation of nutrients. Generally, it can be stored in a cool and dry place. 

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