Five Element Blend Sets

Five Element Blend Sets

Snow Lotus Five Element Blend sets includes five bottles (10 mL each) of the Five Element oil blends -- your choice of Tonify or Sedate.

These blend sets shifts patterns of imbalance among the Five Elements: Earth, Fire, Metal, Water, and Wood.

They are especially effective for addressing mental-emotional aspects. 

Experience the benefits of these Five Element Blends by direct inhalation via a tissue or cotton ball, or in a diffuser. 

Tonify Set

Tonify Earth 

  • Symptoms: Distraction, indifference, coldness, insecurity, neediness

  • Dominant oils: Saro, Geranium, Atlas cedarwood, jojoba oil

Tonify Fire

  • Symptoms: Mental fatigue, discouragement, depression, low self-confidence; palpitations, fatigue, poor sleep, cold extremities, low vitality, poor stamina, low-back aches, digestive symptoms, scanty or absent periods

  • Dominant oils: Bergamot, Pimenta berry, Mandarin, Cinnamon

Tonify Metal

  • Symptoms: Mental fog, poor focus, low affect, disconnection, grief; shallow breathing, low energy

  • Dominant oils: Black spruce, Silver fir, Grand fir, Hemlock spruce, jojoba

Tonify Water

  • Symptoms: Mental apathy, insecurity, timidity, apprehension, fearfulness; loss of stamina, fatigue, low-back aches, weakness

  • Dominant oils: Frankincense, Black spruce, Atlas cedarwood, Ginger, Black pepper, jojoba

Tonify Wood

  • Symptoms: Emotional withdrawal, low motivation, loss of self-confidence, depression, pessimism, guilt; loss of stamina, cold extremities, fatigue, muscle weakness

  • Dominant oils: Rose geranium, Lemon, Damask rose absolute, Mandarin, jojoba

Sedate Set

Sedate Earth

  • Symptoms: Worry, anxiousness, repetitive thinking, compulsion, obsession

  • Dominant oils: May chang, Marjoram, Blue tansy, Lavender, jojoba

Sedate Fire 

  • Symptoms: Racing mind, overstimulation, agitation, impulsiveness; nervous tension, hyperactivity, excessive talk and laughter, palpitations, red complexion

  • Dominant oils: Lime, Mandarin, Ylang ylang no.1, May chang, jojoba oil

Sedate Metal

  • Symptoms: Aloofness, hardness, opinionatedness, envy; aches and pains, breathing difficulties, cough and wheeze

  • Dominant oils: Copaiba balsam, Atlas cedarwood, Amyris, Geranium, jojoba

Sedate Water

  • Symptoms: Heat, esp. with nervous tension, mental restlessness, anxiety, fearfulness, hypermotivation, recklessness; erratic energy, excessive libido

  • Dominant oils: Vetiver, Patchouli, Atlas cedarwood, Ho wood, jojoba

Sedate Wood

  • Symptoms: Nervous tension, irritability, mood swings, frustration, resentment; digestive symptoms, aches and pains, muscle tightness, chest and throat tightness, shallow breathing, etc.

  • Dominant oils: Blue tansy, Roman camomile, jojoba oil


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